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Airless Spray Plaster

Airless spray plaster is an innovative solution which gives a more effective end result whilst guaranteeing efficiency.

Airless spray plaster allows for a faster service through quicker application and instant drying times. Prior to this innovate solution, skimming or skim coat was the preferred method by plasterers. There is virtually no mess and it’s elite absorbency means that there will be less paint coats required. The consistent bright white finish makes for the perfect backdrop to paint over. Whilst the application is by spray, a master plasterer will do the finishing touches by hand. Keith Smith and Thomas Farrelly are masters in their trade and have a wealth of experience to ensure precision and attention to detail.

The process is simple and guarantees low waste and water usage. This makes it a more sustainable option. There is no compromise on quality as it delivers a superior level 5 finish. Superior level 5 finish is the highest level finish in the market.

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Key Benefits:

•Ready mixed finish (RMF)

•Crushed marble, milled into powder – delivered pre-mixed for ease

•Spray applied and levelled by hand

•Fast and clean application

•High quality finish (Level 5)

•Improved program times

•Environmental and sustainability benefits

•Minimises health and safety risks

•Addresses skills shortages

•Finishing touches delivered by qualified plasterer to give finest craftsmanship

•Can be sprayed over existing painted structures with zero preparation

•Breathable features

•Ideal for restoration projects and suitable to cover lime plaster

•Work with top approved supplier – Knauf

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Airless Spray Plaster

To view some of the most recent work, please visit the project gallery. You can view a variety of airless spray plaster projects. Airless spray plastering can be used for self builds, restorations, renovations, extensions, large residential developments, community initiatives, and all commercial projects. No job is too big, no request is too small. Enquire today.