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Skimming or Airless Spray

What is Skimming?

Skimming or Skim Coat is a plaster finish which is widely used by plasterers at present. It’s a traditional method and was superior for its time. It was a big step from the heavy manual original days but in recent times, airless spray plaster has now exceeded the benefits of skimming or skim coat finishes.

Skimming has become quite labour intensive in comparison to today’s airless spray plastering system. Whilst it can work well across multiple surfaces, it has long drying times and leaves significant waste. This results in higher costs on labour as longer time on site is required meaning an overall slower rate of production.

At, we are specialists in spray plaster projects. We have looked after self builds, residential developments, community projects and large scale commercial developments across Ireland. Airless Spray Plaster is a proven superior alternative to skim coating.

Benefits of Airless Spray Plaster

  • Quicker application
  • Less drying time
  • Highest quality finish
  • Low water usage
  • Low wastage
  • Safer and more sustainable method
  • Less time on site
  • Breathable features
  • Using superior products from Knauf

For more of the benefits of airless spray plaster, visit our dedicated page.

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